At Huber, we help our customers overcome their challenges through our knowledge and experience in stopper processing




          How HUBER Systems treats your stoppers

         Profile of HUBER Systems

      Washing, Drying and Siliconization

          Double Door, pass-thru design. Unloading into clean room

           Washing, Drying as well as sterilization.

          Hybrid Autoclave with Stopper Washer insert. N/A

          Hybrid Autoclave with LYO tray insert.

            Hybrid Autoclave with tray insert for Tyvek® Bags.

           Sterilization with Isolation Technology (VHP)

           Sterilization with sterile transfer options to Bags 
           or containers to be brought to filling line(s).

           Machine designs benefits

           Standard Unloading Options

           Operator Interfaces 

Screenshots for the Huber System Processor Control System

           Based on your stopper size, and production
           find a model that meets your needs.

           See how HUBER Systems has evolved over the years.

          Advancements requirements to meet
          the current and future FDA demands of NO
           Global pharmaceutical companies that 
           have HUBER Systems
          Articles pertaining to stopper processing. 


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