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The HWS T Series is the same as the HWS Series, including the ability
to wash, sterilize and dry aluminum trays from lyophilizers which have 
residues from the lyophilization process. HUBER has patented the 
cleaning process with Direct Impact Cleaning, CIP and /or SIP 
which insures that the residues are not baked onto the aluminum 

The Model HWS T is a hybrid pharmaceutical quality autoclave
with a stopper washer sterilizer capability for rubber stoppers and rubber
articles of the pharmaceutical and technical elastomer industry. 


The tray holding devices are  designed  for standard trays and can also
hold bottomless trays. HUBER can also custom design tray holding 
devices for special trays. Only cleaned and sterilized trays can enter 
the sterile suite.

Autoclave to sterilize metal parts for aseptic manufacture, filters and 
porous goods among others.

The pressure chambers and pressure vessels are manufactured in 
Switzerland. The Swiss factory has robotic welding and x-ray 
capabilities as well as orbital clamp welding machines for the 
pipework. The Swiss factory is ISO 9001 certified.

The tray holding devices capacity ranges from 22 trays to 86 trays and can 
also include gates and clips of the trays. The pressure chamber volumes range 
from 1080 to 1800 liters. The pressure vessel is designed according to 
ASME code, PED97-23-EG (Pressure Equipment Directive), 
Regulation Rules AD2000 and other codes.

The HWS T has several process control alternatives

SAIA PLC with WS 8450 
- which consists of a PLC, PC with 
color screen, keyboard and color printer. 

Allen Bradley LOGIX - which consists of a PLC, PC with color
screen, keyboard and color printer. 

Because the drive is outside the autoclave chamber and 
      the seal meets all sections of the most stringent hygiene
      requirements of the FDA, no metal abrasion is possible 
      inside, as with gear drives.

Only this mechanical seal meets the current FDA 
      requirements and guarantees sterility during pressure 
      and vacuum including leak test. 

There are no mechanically moving parts during the process, 
      and no metal abrasion, only highly cleaning turbulence 
      of DIRECT IMPACT CLEANING, washing each tray

Optimal temperatures during each process step, max. 
      uniformity of temperatures during sterilization by patented 
      system of steam inlet and distribution.

Effective vacuum drying with immediate removal of water 
      drops from the trays through turning of the tray holding device
      with the trays (patented) providing fast drying of the trays.

Loading from non-sterile side. Ergonomic unloading at 
     sterile side of the whole tray holding device on request.

Anti-pyrogen piping of "no weld techniques' and valves.

Anti-pyrogen walls of inner surfaces from chamber, mirror finish.

Machine design complying with GMP, WHO and FDA 
     standards, as well as YOUR requirements.

bulletCIP high-pressure machine self cleaning system (Patent) 
guarantees releasing and immediate flushing of residues from 
the lyophilization process.
bulletCIP system (Patent) guarantees total cleaning of the trays 
including inner walls of outer cylinder and because of that,
reproducible cleaning values.
bulletCIP system (Patent) guarantees that residues are not baked onto the 
aluminum trays. 
bulletSIP Steam In Place (Patent) for precise vaporization of 
machine inner surfaces through rotating steam nozzles.
bulletSIP system (Patent) reduces non-productive times, increases 
productivity and eliminates recontamination and cross-contamination.

CIP   (Cleaning In Place) and SIP  (Steaming In Place) for
trays,  e.g.  of  freeze  dryers  and other products, and even CIP/SIP
of autoclave chamber   +   final  sterilization  of  load. Circular  movement 
360 of  U-shaped spraying  nozzle  system,  automatically connected  to  
water  and  steam supply.


The ideal combination of a tray washer, sterilizer and  autoclave in one
hybrid unit with great flexibility. 

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