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Sterile Isolation
Total Sterile Transfer



STOPPER HANDLING has become more and more important and critical 
for pharmaceutical companies. For this reason, customers need complete 
solutions to their problems.

HUBER Systems meet and exceed the current FDA requirements and 
guarantees aseptic handling and transfer of your stoppers from the stopper 
washer sterilizer into the filling bowls of customers filling/stoppering machines. 

The HUBER Systems are designed in such a way that particle 
generation during STOPPER HANDLING is avoided.

QUALIFICATION in accordance with YOUR requirements.....
MANUFACTURED in accordance with ISO 9001

Unloading and filling device UFD. The hopper can easily be removed, 
cleaned or sterilized. 

Using the conical hand operated portioning valve, filling into sterile
plastic bags and immediate welding of the bags by the attached 
head welding unit. 


bulletRemoval of container    
UTC 150-G for unloading 
and transport out of our
TC 150 into lift and turn
column LT 150 
bulletTC 150 becomes the TC 150-S when sterilizable.
(Validation of UTC-G container sterility with nutrient solutions 
bulletTransport cart TC 150 with gas-tight container UTC 150-G for 
unloading and sterile transport to stoppering machine. 
bulletVT 200-2 with completely covered vibrating conveyor KF12. 
The chute with portioning guide for feeding of 2 stopper bowls
can be removed for sterilizing by quick disconnects.
bulletVT 200-1 with KF 12 and oscillating amplitude control. 
The round chute for feeding 1 stopper bowl can be opened for 
bulletLift and turn column LT 150 with 
hydraulic rotating drive, container UTC 150-G, 
vibrating chute VT 200-2 and stationary support SF 600.
bulletLift and turn column LT 150 with manual rotating drive, 
container UTC 150, vibrating chute VT 200-1 and movable 
support SF 600 R.
bulletControl cabinet of LT 150 hydraulic unit, motor, electric and 
pneumatic components. Electrics e.g, VDE, IEC, UL NEMA. 


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