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The Total Sterile Transfer TST allows to transport stoppers from the 
dedicated HUBER System Sterilizer Model DS S Series to stoppering machines
without breaking the sterile chain. 

bulletCan be used with STB Sterile Transfer Bags
bulletCan be used with STC Sterile Transfer Containers
bulletCan be used with ACS Aseptic Classical System

The STB Sterile Transfer Bags can be stored for weeks as 
the stoppers in the bags are either under overpressure
or vacuum.


The Total Sterile Transfer TST uses a docking port which is steam 
sterilized with each batch, there is no unsterile ring of concern. The
door of the docking port is patented worldwide.

The Total Sterile Transfer TST  allows greatest flexibility as 
Sterile Transfer Bags STB (pyrogen and particle free) and/or 
Sterile Transfer Containers STC made of stainless steel 316L 
can be used. Therefore, one or more filling/stoppering lines can 
be fed with stoppers from either the  Sterile Transfer Bags STB or 
Sterile Transfer Containers STC.

The Total Sterile Transfer TST allows to also use the Aseptic 
Classical System ACS
where the stoppers are manually portioned 
into plastic bags via the manually operated conical valve and then 
transported to the aseptic lines in the heat sealed plastic bags.  

The Total Sterile Transfer TST can be adapted to the DS S Sterilizer 
at anytime if filling/stoppering machines in isolation are not yet
installed. In this case Aseptic Classical System ACS is used and 
then removed. 

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