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The ideal combination of a washer, sterilizer and drier for washing of rubber 
stoppers and rubber articles of the pharmaceutical and technical 
elastomer industry. Treatment of plastic caps,  screw caps,
and aluminum caps. 

The DS S Series are double door, pass through designs which are 
similar to the DS D series machines, but sterilize the stoppers. The 
stoppers are deposited into the sterile suite ready for use or storage
in sterile  storage systems. The DS S Series range from 50 to 
375 liters per batch. See also Size Your Machine



DS 50 S

DS 70 S

DS 100 S

DS 200 S DS 250 S DS 375 S
Loading Volume (Liters) 50 70 100 200 250 375




1900 1990 2940 3350 3350 3400


1500 1180 1180 1700 1700 1900


1900 2100 2420 2600 2600 2850



Steam is supplied through nozzles in the center shaft (patented). 
By the steam sterilization coming from the center, a fast removal
of oxygen rich atmosphere from the pressure vessel is achieved.
On request, a pre-vacuum for sterilization is possible. The steam
continuously and uniformly is supplied via the nozzles which
guarantees an optimum temperature distribution. The machine 
quickly reaches the required sterilization temperature of 
121 degrees Celsius. During sterilization, the stoppers are 
smoothly shifted intermittently. Pressure and temperatures
are permanently recorded according to FDA. 

The DS S has the following control system:

Allen Bradley LOGIX - which consists of a PLC, PC with 
color screen, keyboard and color printer. 

The ideal combination of a washer, sterilizer and drier to treat the 
exterior and interior surfaces of pharmaceutical and technical 
elastomer rubber and plastic articles with greatest flexibility.

 ds50sloadunloadside.jpg (45298 bytes)DS50S.JPG (31131 bytes) (Click for larger view)

Most effective cleaning of highly contaminated articles
      as well as articles with deep holes.

Loading from non-sterile side. Ergonomic aseptic unloading at 
      sterile side, even into containers for direct transport to stoppering 
      machine.  See  Sterile Isolation System SIS  and Total Sterile Transfer TST

There are no mechanically moving parts during the process, 
      and no metal abrasion, only highly cleaning turbulence of 
      DIRECT IMPACT CLEANING, CIP and/or SIP, washing each 
      stopper individually.

Precise siliconization by using silicone oil or silicone emulsion.

Optimal temperatures during each process step, max. uniformity 
      of temperatures during sterilization by patented system of steam 
      inlet and distribution.

Effective drying under  0.2 micron sterile filtered air or HEPA 
      filtered air (optional vacuum) with immediate removal of 
      water drops from deep holes through occasionally intermittent 
      shifting of stopper (Patent) providing uniform low residual 
      moisture (e.g. 0.019% LOD)

Anti-pyrogen piping of "no weld techniques" and valves.

Anti-pyrogen walls of inner drum, mirror finish.

Machine design complying with GMP, WHO and FDA standards, 
      as well as YOUR requirements.

Great economy with lowest water consumption per batch and only 
      nominal compressed air consumption.

bulletCIP high-pressure machine self cleaning system (Patent) 
guarantees releasing and immediate flushing of pyrogens.
bulletCIP system (Patent) guarantees total cleaning of the inner 
drum including inner walls of outer cylinder and because of that, 
reproducible cleaning values.
bulletCIP system (Patent) guarantees processing of siliconized and 
non-siliconized stoppers without carry over.
bulletSIP Steam In Place (Patent) for precise vaporization of 
machine inner surfaces through rotating steam nozzles.
bulletSIP system (Patent) reduces non-productive times, increases 
productivity and eliminates recontamination and cross 


Loading is effected from the non sterile side under sterile air stream coming out of the machine. No particles from the room can thus enter the machine. 


Washing/Detergent Dosing

After the water supply has reached the set level, detergent is added by the dosing unit. When the inner drum starts rotating, simultaneously the heating process starts.

CIP System

When the washing water is drained off, the CIP Machine-self cleaning starts. The outer cylinder and inner drum are cleaned by rotating high pressure jets in order to avoid re deposits of flushed particles and silicone.

SIP - System

On request, at SIP step can be integrated. This insures a precise vaporization of the inner wall of the pressure vessel by rotating steam nozzles, thus having a high cleaning efficiency.


After refilling the machine with hot water, the articles are rinsed. If necessary, the articles can now be siliconized. This is done by adding the required quantity of silicone by means of the dosing unit. Either silicone oil or silicone emulsion can be used.


On request, the machine can be designed in such a way that a subaqual pre-sterilization of the stoppers in a water bath under pressure up to a temperature of about 125 degrees Celsius can be carried through. Subaqual pre-sterilization serves for extraction of foreign components and for releasing substances which can hardly be removed or chemical contamination out of the rubber stoppers. Thus, direct positive influence on leaching of the inner substances of stoppers and thus on drug stability.


Steam is supplied through nozzles of the center shaft (patented). By the steam stream coming from the center, a fast removal of the oxygen rich atmosphere from the pressure vessel is achieved. On request, even pre-vacuum for sterilization is possible. The steam continuously and uniformly supplied via the nozzles guarantees an optimum temperature distribution and the machine quickly reaches the required sterilizing temperature of 121 degrees Celsius. During sterilization, the stoppers are smoothly shifted from time to time. Pressure and temperatures are permanently recorded according to FDA.


The air required for the drying step is pressed into the machine
via a pre-filter, blower and .02 micron sterile filter (HEPA filtered air is optional). Drying is done by occasional intermittent shifting of the stoppers and simultaneously passing through sterile air, thus avoiding any friction as with other systems. For products requiring low residual moisture, hot air register and vacuum are available as a support. With a vacuum unit, automatic leak test can be carried out. At the end of drying, cooling down of stoppers to unloading temperature is effected, therefore no after condensation of stoppers in the filling containers. Instead of inline sterilizable filter cartridges with 0.2 micron Hepa filters can be used.


For unloading, stopper transfer and easy feeding to filling lines, HUBER has available: 

bulletAseptic Classical System ACS
bulletAseptic Advantage System AAS
bulletSterile Isolation System SIS
bulletTotal Sterile Transfer TST

Design according to YOUR request are possible.  Sterile Isolation System SIS or Total Sterile Transfer TST permit transfer of stoppers from the DS S to the filling and stoppering machines without any break in the sterile chain and on demand, sterile storage for days.
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Stopper Handling

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is available upon request. 
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